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In January 2021, Founder and CEO, Steve Catanzano, Boston native, relocated to Sarasota, Florida to start a tech start-up, KnaQ, the first social marketplace with 24 categories to benefit your life and sales leads program to create connections with local experts. Stephen Catanzano, Founder & CEO of KnaQ, completed his bachelor’s degree in finance at Bentley University, located in Waltham, Massachusetts. Stephen started his career as a Market Development Manager for the Intel Corporation (Shiva) in Boston and moved into Business Development roles for other corporations before stepping into leadership roles serving as Executive Vice President and President of two development platforms.

Stephen’s first entrepreneurial venture was Digital Broadband Communications (DBC) where he was the Cofounder and Executive Vice President. The company was the first to deliver high-speed DSL to homes and businesses in the Boston area. DBC grew from two to 300 employees and was backed by leading Venture Capital firms. Next, he built Safecore, a large-scale data center operation, followed by creating two cloudbased SaaS applications and an online equity funding platform. This led Stephen on the path to developing an AI-driven marketplace that would allow anyone to monetize skills from their personal or professional life to create new income streams, KnaQ.

The marketplace offers Knowledge Sharing for online teaching, coaching, or consulting, Skill Sharing to hire people based on their time and skills, and Connections to help small businesses and independent workers find more opportunities to grow their business. Find local experts offering services from the obvious to obscure using the skills and talents they have. Stephen Catanzano, Chief Executive Officer at KnaQ stated, “It was an easy choice to relocate to sunny Sarasota after our first visit! It is the perfect environment to start a tech start-up. Our purpose and main goal is to provide an opportunity for anyone to create supplemental or full-time income and lead to what many people want – financial freedom. It also ties back into the income challenge where average incomes have seen slow growth, and expenses far outpace them. We believe we can help fix this by providing a social marketplace which creates a new ecosystem of buyers and sellers supporting each other in an entirely new way by using the skills and knowledge they already have.”

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