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Airports & Seaports

Five airports within two hours can get you wherever you need to go in the world. And just under 25 miles from the center of Sarasota County is one of Florida’s largest and fastest growing deepwater seaports, Port Manatee.

Ports & Panama

When moving goods, it’s important to understand the port facilities available. Port Manatee and Port Tampa Bay provide direct access to Mexico and the Panama Canal and beyond.

Sarasota Bradenton International Airport (SRQ) Direct Flights

Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport has direct flights to all major East Coast cities, including New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Detroit and Toronto. Denver and Dallas are also offered.

Tampa International Airport (TIA) Direct Flights

Tampa International Airport offers direct flights to all major U.S. cities coast to coast, and a number of international cities such as London, Toronto, Frankfurt, Zurich and Montreal, among others.

Travel Times (Highway)

Discover the amount of drive time it takes to reach popular destinations from Sarasota County.

US Highways

Sarasota County has access to major US highways, including I-75, a major corridor to the Interstate system.


Sarasota County’s educated and creative workforce is diverse enough to satisfy both new and expanding businesses. More than half of Sarasota County’s population is in the prime working age range of 18 to 64.

Invest in Sarasota County

The EDC of Sarasota County diversifies our local economy and helps create jobs for Floridians. Investing in the EDC empowers us to grow our economy and attract more business to our region.

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