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Last week, several Investors joined the EDC of Sarasota County’s team for an exclusive Chair Advisors Roundtable discussion with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, a part of the central bank of the United States. The Federal Reserve System – the Fed, as it is often called – consists of twelve Reserve Banks located around the country and the Board of Governors in Washington, D.C.

From left to right: Brett Henson, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors; Shari Bower, Regional Executive of the Miami Branch of the Federal Bank of Atlanta; and Erin Silk, President & CEO of the EDC of Sarasota County.

Several topics were addressed during the discussion, including labor markets, government and private spending, and much more. Consumer debt was also addressed. It showed credit card debt is the fastest rising form of debt in non-housing debt balances. The highest personal saving rate for Americans was during the pandemic. Attendees unanimously mentioned that diverse housing options, cost of living, and inflation have impacts on all levels of the economy.

“The event brought together a distinguished group of business leaders and innovators in Sarasota County. PGT Innovations, the largest private employer in Sarasota County, hosting the event was important because it showcased the depth of manufacturing and technological advancements we are experiencing. Hats off to Shari Bower for leading a productive and engaged discussion with regards to monetary policy and how it shapes decisions that businesses are making! The EDC of Sarasota County looks forward to spearheading more events like these as we work with the economic development leaders and influencers here in Southwest Florida and beyond.”, says Erin Silk, President & CEO.

Shari Bower, Regional Executive of the Miami Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta led the discussion. She is responsible for the Atlanta Fed’s Regional Economic Information Network (REIN) for South Florida and is a member of the core group of Atlanta Fed leaders advising on monetary policy. Her work with business executives and community leaders in the branch’s 13-county area helps to bring business insights to national monetary policy deliberations. Shari also oversees the Miami Branch’s board of directors and the District’s Advisory Council on Travel and Tourism and contributes to regional community and economic development outreach efforts.

Together, the EDC of Sarasota County and the local business community are working towards economic growth and prosperity in Sarasota County. Thank you to all who attended and participated! We look forward to future Chair Advisors events! Thank you to PGT Innovations for hosting the event!

A mural at PGT Innovations headquarters.

For additional opportunities to get engaged, please visit https://www.edcsarasotacounty.com/investor-engagement/.

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