Cost of Living

Fine beaches, weather and unique communities included, Sarasota County’s cost of living is still competitive with other Florida cities.

How Sarasota County Compares with Other Florida Cities

Below is a quick comparison between some of our Florida neighbors as published by


Comparison: relatively no difference

60 miles from the center of Sarasota County, Tampa has over 350,000 residents and many of the draws of a larger metropolitan area.


Comparison: 8.6% less than Sarasota County.

Tallahassee, our state’s capital, has a lower cost of living than Sarasota County that’s driven mostly by the difference in housing costs (Tallahassee’s housing costs are on average 37.4% less than Sarasota’s).

Fort Myers

Comparison: 3.4% less than Sarasota County.

A cousin (of sorts) to Sarasota County, Fort Myers is a bit closer to Miami, but further away from the large regional markets that make Sarasota County an ideal place for business.


Comparison: 3.2% more expensive than Sarasota County.

Central Florida’s largest city, Orlando’s cost of living is slightly more expensive than Sarasota County due to its higher cost of transportation (19%) and utilities.


Comparison: 20.6% more expensive than Sarasota County

3.5 hours drive from Sarasota County, Miami is the largest metropolitan with a housing market that is 27.3% more expensive than Sarasota County.


Comparison: 9.3% less than Sarasota County.

Located in the Northeast corner of Florida, Jacksonville is one of the largest cities in America by landmass.

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