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Sarasota County is the perfect backdrop for its expanding Tech sector. Its affordable cost of living, top-rated education system, many cultural amenities and attractive climate make it the right environment for building the next generation of tech.

A Spirit of Innovation

Florida is at the forefront of innovation in the creative economy. Floridians understand the undeniable link between innovation and business. In Sarasota County we are harnessing innovation and the state’s strong entrepreneurial spirit to build one of the nation’s leading creative hubs.


Top-rated education system paired with customized IT training centers ensure a qualified workforce


Innovative IT training solutions to help keep professional skills on the cutting-edge


Quality of life and affordability for both business and individuals provides the perfect backdrop for IT success


9th fastest-growing millennial population segment in the country – 11.1% annually (Brookings Institute, 2017)


Ranked #6 for best-performing cities in the United States – primarily driven by the growth of the technology sector (Milken Institute, 2017)

Key Statistics

457 Companies

5,536 Jobs

$70,222 Avg. Salary

Industry Graduates

Key Technology Sectors




Computer Programming Services

Computer Systems Design Services

Software Publishers

Key Jobs

Based on MSA (North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton)

Software Developers, Applications

456 Jobs

$91,900 Average Salary

254 5-Year New Job Demand

Computer User Support Specialists

222 Jobs

$46,600 Average Salary

107 5-Year New Job Demand

Software Developers, Systems Software

181 Jobs

$107,800 Average Salary

76 5-Year New Job Demand

Tech is Thriving in Sarasota County

Cultivating the power of the people and leveraging talents, Sarasota County tech is flourishing. The vision of a thriving tech cluster has the community excited. Sarasota County’s fast growing tech industry is changing the way people think of the county and earning it the nickname “Silicon Beach SRQ”. Join us in this exciting time.

Silicon Beach SRQ: A networking group for professionals in the Sarasota area with a focus on AdTech and MarTech. To provide these professionals and other local businesses the opportunity to connect and grow. paired with customized IT training centers ensure a qualified workforce.

Suncoast Science Center Faulhaber Fab Lab: To inspire and support tomorrow’s innovators through experiential learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

IT/Coding Academy

In 2019, State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota won a 3.6 million dollar grant to support a regional initiative including a premiere training facility to develop software developers, cybersecurity technicians, and cloud architects. The Coding Academy has partnered with influential industry leaders to determine the key technical skills needed in today’s everchanging and ever-growing workforce. As business thrive in Sarasota County, the resources at the Coding Academy are crucial. In addition to having flexible and fast training, the Coding Academy offers cutting edge tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters, mixed reality labs, and humanoid robots used to develop machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.

Cowork & Meet-Up Space

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