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Consultant Connect, a national consulting firm focusing on strengthening partnerships between economic developers and site selectors, has named EDC of Sarasota County President & CEO Erin Silk, CEcD, one of North America’s Top 50 Economic Developers of 2024. (Photo/Lori Sax)

Erin, originally from Columbia, MD, has forged a successful career in economic development with a diverse background in international logistics and business management. Her professional journey commenced at a Baltimore manufacturing headquarters, where she managed international shipping logistics and oversaw large national accounts.

Following a family tradition, Erin became the fourth generation to relocate to Sarasota County, where, since 2015, she has passionately championed economic development initiatives.

She first joined the EDC in 2019 as Director, Business Development Services. She has since then worked her way through the ranks, from Vice President, Business Development Services, Chief Operating Officer, and then President & CEO. Each of her roles has better prepared her for the next.

Under Erin’s leadership, the EDC has effectively managed a robust pipeline of 75 diverse company expansions and relocations, attracting substantial new capital investments in Sarasota County. With $13.4 million in new capital investment made by businesses supported by the EDC during 2023 and additional projects in various stages, nearing establishment over through 2027. These projects are projected to exceed $50 million in investment in the coming years. Through her innovative approach, the organization has spearheaded groundbreaking programs that are reshaping the economic landscape of Sarasota County, such as CreateSRQ – a national campaign focused on branding Sarasota County as the chosen destination for creative industries.

Erin’s passion for economic development shines through her exceptional wealth of knowledge and the example with which she leads her team.

According to Consultant Connect’s website, the Top 50 Economic Developer Award by Consultant Connect is a prestigious recognition that celebrates the outstanding achievements of economic developers across North America. This accolade honors professionals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, innovation, and effectiveness in driving economic growth and prosperity in their communities. Economic developers play a vital role in fostering business expansion, job creation, and overall economic vitality. The Top 50 Economic Developer Award acknowledges individuals who have made significant contributions to their regions by implementing strategic initiatives, forging partnerships, and leveraging resources to stimulate economic development.

Through their vision, leadership, and collaborative efforts, awardees have successfully attracted investments, supported local businesses, and enhanced the competitiveness of their communities in the global marketplace. Consultant Connect’s recognition highlights the importance of economic development efforts in fueling sustainable growth and improving the quality of life for residents. Winners of the Top 50 Economic Developer Award serve as exemplars of excellence in the field, inspiring others to emulate their success and drive positive change in their respective regions.

The Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County is a team of engaged public and private leaders committed to being the catalyst for a sustainable, globally competitive, vibrant economy. Their mission is to grow, diversify, and sustain the economy of Sarasota County.