The two businesses selected by BRIDGE Angel Investors to receive financial support to expand their operations in 2020 both provide technological bridges to help connect and engage people virtually in vastly different ways. Both use online capabilities, one to connect students with tutoring support and one to broadly distribute books that stimulate thinking and discussion on a global level.

Knack ( capitalizes on the peer-to-peer tutoring needed by many to succeed in college, made all the more difficult with social distancing. Originally developed to help the University of Florida move scheduling of peer tutoring sessions online, Knack allows students to schedule sessions with the tutor they choose, likely one who recently completed the same course. Now providing services to other colleges and universities, Knack recently began helping link high performing college students with children in south Florida in need of tutoring, which is offered free through Community Partners of South Florida and Florida Power & Light Co.

Next Big Idea Club ( selects, distributes and manages discussions and support materials for newly released nonfiction books. Curated by best-selling authors Malcolm Gladwell, Adam Grant, Susan Cain and Daniel Pink, the company describes itself as “a book subscription community.” Subscriptions to ebooks or hard copy editions, distributed quarterly, include access to original author interviews, e-courses and podcasts, and a new app that offers audio and text summaries of “the best books of the season” delivered by the authors themselves. Past selections include “Humankind: A Hopeful History,” “Weird” and “Think Like a Rocket Scientist.”

“Being able to help companies, particularly those poised to thrive in today’s climate by keeping us all connected and engaged when we may otherwise be apart, is a key driver for BRIDGE,” says Wendi Chapman, BRIDGE Executive Director, “and investing at this stage of a business is extremely rewarding, particularly now when companies need it most.
“We have such amazing resources in business acumen in the retirees and successful businesspeople in this area, and when they collaborate to fund and mentor growing businesses, anything is possible.”

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