Why Sarasota County, FL?

Sarasota County is a vibrant filming location. The diverse range of locations offering city scenes, beaches, rustic locations, jungle like parks, wilderness, and creative cultural locations. In Sarasota, the unique architecture is simply fascinating in both commercial and residential sites. Beautiful sunsets are an everyday occurrence and our affordability, weather, and community support make it an ideal choice for production.

Sarasota County’s is a film-friendly destination is like no other. Our team thrives in fostering cooperation among governmental entities and highlighting the resulting benefits for production teams effectively communicates the county’s commitment to supporting the film industry. This collaborative spirit, coupled with Sarasota County’s unique attributes and advantages, makes it an attractive choice for filmmakers looking for a supportive and cost-effective filming location.

Studio Labs at Ringling College sounds like an impressive facility, indeed! Having one of the only commercially designated, Adobe “Atmos” certified, state-of-the-art production and post-production facilities in the Tampa Bay area speaks volumes about the quality and capabilities it offers. The clear span 8500 square foot sound stage, along with the additional 3500 square foot sound stage, provides ample space for various types of productions. Moreover, the presence of edit bays, DaVinci color grading suites, sound design, and full foley capabilities further solidifies its position as a top-notch facility for all stages of production and post-production. This kind of comprehensive setup can greatly enhance the efficiency and quality of filmmaking projects.

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Simple and straightforward, we're your one-stop-shop for almost anywhere within Sarasota County – fully complete the online form, submit electronically with your proof of liability insurance, and we'll get the ball rolling ASAP, helping you connect to the right people about the right places, saving you time and guesswork.

Picture Perfect Prosperity

Our Mission

Our mission is to diversify and enrich Sarasota County's economic development by attracting and supporting a wide range of media productions, including motion pictures, television, commercials, music videos, still photography, and more. By promoting and showcasing the people, locations, products, services, businesses, and other assets within Sarasota County, we aim to enhance tourism, prosperity, and overall quality of life across our 570 square mile region. Through these efforts, we contribute to the vibrancy and growth of our community while fostering a thriving media production industry.

Where Film Industry Flourishes

Our Vision

Sarasota County stands as a beacon for the film industry, boasting a welcoming environment and a streamlined permit process that attracts a diverse array of film, television, music, and commercial projects. Our community prides itself on its professionalism, creativity, and imaginative spirit, garnering recognition nationwide. By nurturing a film-friendly atmosphere, we have seen significant growth in high-wage jobs and businesses within the film and entertainment sector, contributing to the economic prosperity of our region.


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