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There are several local organizations that provide information and training on workforce challenges; such as talent attraction and retention to existing workforce quality and training.  We want to be sure you are aware of all of the programming and initiatives that are available to you.

Workforce Roundtable Materials November 2017

FloorForce Moving Company to Sarasota County, Adding 72 Jobs.

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Single Stream Recyclers Moving to Sarasota County, Adding 80 Jobs.

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Move Your Business Here

Sarasota County, Florida

We hear it all the time from executives and entrepreneurs: “I came to Sarasota County on vacation and didn’t want to leave – so I moved my business here.”

Sarasota County offers many of the attributes necessary for success in the global economy: superior schools, significant research and education facilities, high educational attainment and a regional workforce of more than 350,000. A modern infrastructure and moderate taxes contribute to the low cost of doing business here. What’s more, the community is increasingly recognized as a leader in innovative environmental management and sustainable living.In today’s technology environment, you can work from almost anywhere. Why not work where you really want to live?

Reasons to Move to Sarasota

  • No Personal Income Tax
  • Progressive Attitude Toward Business 
  • Educated, Skilled Workforce  
  • Friendly Regulatory Environment

Grow Your Business Here

The Economic Development Corpration of Sarasota County is committed to growing our base of existing industries. In order to do so we have put several tools in place to help your business expand.

Ad Valorem Tax Exemption   Sarasota County Economic Development Grants

Assistance with real estate options and permitting 

The EDC of Sarasota County is a partner of Grow FL, who provides tools to second stage growth companies. Through the program small growth oriented companies can receive strategic research and CEO mentoring.

Grow Fl

Start Your Business Here

Since its formation in the 1800s, Sarasota County has been a destination for entrepreneurs. From the Scots who founded America’s first golf course and a destination hotel for tourism in Sarasota, to the Potter-Palmers and Ringlings, local history and the community landscape bear the lasting imprints of entrepreneurial fervor.

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