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Business-focused collateral as well as up-to-date reports and stories about Sarasota County.

Sarasota County Fast Facts

What makes Sarasota County the right place for your business? We’ve compiled a wealth of high-level facts into an easy-to-read brochure to help get you familiar with our County.

EDC 2021 Quarter 1 Report

Each quarter of our fiscal year we report on activities, initiatives, marketing and results. View 2021 quarter 1 report (October 2020 – December 2020) below.

Sarasota County Profile

From Sarasota County’s northern border with Manatee to Charlotte County on its southern edge, signs of growth are everywhere. Journey with writer Lynn Waddell as she explores Sarasota County’s many communities in a community profile originally published in Florida Trend.

2020 Sarasota County Intelligence Report

We partnered with Site Selection Magazine to produce 2020 Sarasota County Intelligence Report. Check out the 10 Things You Should Know About Sarasota County.

EDC Tax Brochure

The EDC of Sarasota County leverages public and private funding with local and state partnerships to impact the economy and generate a more vibrant region for all local businesses to thrive. Learn how your business license fees are used to drive economic prosperity in Sarasota.

EDC Annual report

This year we focused on four goals. To capture the growth of existing and targeted industries. To compete with similar markets in Florida. To communicate our outstanding business ecosystem. And to connect private and public investors to achieve a diversified economy.

Business Assistance to Relocate and Grow in Sarasota County

This booklet developed by the EDC of Sarasota County is intended to guide companies through the landscape of business assistance that organizations in Sarasota County can provide. There are a myriad of local organizations whose core missions are to help local businesses grow through the provision of Sarasota County jobs, consulting services, regulatory assistance, industry expertise, networking, various grants for small business financing and incentives.

Legistlative Priorities

The Board of Directors of the Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County has established the following state legislative economic development issues as priorities for the 2021 legislative session

Media Relations

Media/Press inquiries or to inquire about speaking requests, please contact Kate Atkin via email or call 941-309-1200 x102.

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The EDC of Sarasota County diversifies our local economy and helps create jobs for Floridians. Investing in the EDC empowers us to grow our economy and attract more business to our region.

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