Go Topless! B the Difference with the Jeepin’ Divas!

Don’t hesitate to go topless (on your jeep, of course) at BSWANKY and the Jeepin ’Diva’s Jeep Jamboree! BSWANKY is so excited to be co-hosting this event with the Jeepin’ Divas to celebrate the American Dream! With the fourth of July just around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to come hang out with two American Originals: BSWANKY and Jeep, both happily manufactured in the USA. Admission is free and there will be food trucks, a live DJ, and handbags galore!

BSWANKY is happily manufactured right here in Sarasota. The event will be held at the BSWANKY factory and store where the seamstresses create transformational luxury handbags. All of our seamstresses are immigrants, some of whom worked in local sweatshops before joining the BSWANKY family. Not only are they being paid higher wages to work in a much happier environment, they also have many roles. Factory manager Magnabel is not just a seamstress but a designer and model as well!

To celebrate the melting pot of America, there will be a variety of food trucks at the event – including a food truck from two of our seamstresses Magnabel and Limurah’s home country of Venezuela. On top of the food trucks and live DJ, the handbags that BSWANKY creates will also be available for purchase. Come to the Jeep Jamboree and receive free Jeepin’ Divas Exclusive Americana BSWANKY keychain and more!

Click the picture above for a short video about our company!
About BSWANKY: BSWANKY is a handbag manufacturer proudly based in Sarasota, Fl where they design and produce with the intent to B The Difference. BSWANKY supports like-minded organizations through partnerships with National Breast Cancer Foundation and python hunters in the Everglades.
If you would like more information about this event, please contact Gretchen Bauer at 610-291-8527 or email her at [email protected]