Imagine shopping from the luxury and comfort of your home while you virtually walk into and shop in Art Galleries and Boutique Stores in the Downtown Sarasota area.
The Gallery at Art Ovation is now 100 percent virtual and their new app will be unveiled on February 14, 2021, Valentines Day. The Gallery at Art Ovation is one of the first art galleries in Sarasota to participate in the LifeStyles In 360 Virtual Store & Art Gallery Project, the country’s first comprehensive Interactive Virtual Stores Community project featuring Sarasota’s Art Galleries and unique Boutique Stores.

The LifeStyles In 360 Virtual Stores and Art Galleries utilizes Google 360 technology, targeted social media campaigns and a customized Business Intelligence software platform to create a sophisticated, informative and interactive virtual store experience. The platform boasts over 20 million Google certified views and counting. For Art Galleries and local boutique stores, the LifeStyles In 360 platform has created a new profit center by enabling online users from all over the world to literally walk into and shop in local art galleries and boutique stores, many which are still closed or experiencing reduced foot traffic due to Covid-19. The platform also provides many powerful social media, analytic reporting capabilities and hands-on training for business owners. For the community, the LifeStyles In 360 Virtual Galleries provides direct access to explore key galleries and stores and details regarding featured artists.

“Our innovative platform will help local businesses grow and service their customers efficiently by marketing their products and services directly through our social media campaigns. We can also help any business measure key data points from how many hourly visitors walk into their online virtual stores to the items which generate the most interest. Local business owners are our local heroes and they deserve our patronage, support and the right tools which will help them grow and make informed decisions. As a game changer, our portal also enables online shoppers to invest in creating internship and employment opportunities for local young adults and students within the community when they shop online and use the LifeStyles In 360 Platform. Many young adults have been disproportionally affected by unemployment due to Covid-19 and also Sarasota will serve as a national business case of how we can make this connection between local business owners, young adults and the community while improving the local economic growth of our communities,” this project is truly a labor of love said Yasmine Clarke, founder of LifeStyles In 360.

Unlike a traditional shopping cart application, the LifeStyles In 360 Platform Virtual Store Experience gives the user a sense of depth, height and interactive content, which makes this technology ideal for the art gallery. Mary Petron, ASID of Petron Interior Design, has also given the LifeStyles In 360 Virtual Store Experience a thumbs up for its simple design, vibrant photography and ease of use. Interior designer, Giovanni, of Interiors by G, had the response:

“As an interior designer, this will save me a considerable amount of time in searching for the ideal piece which would be used inside my client’s home.”

“Prior to Covid-19, the LifeStyles In 360 virtual shopping platform served as a green solution and an excellent time-saving tool, which could be utilized by anyone from interior designers to local senior residents which are unable to get out or simply choose to shop online. However, Covid-19 has proven to consumers and especially business owners, the importance of having a virtual store online in addition to the traditional brick and mortar store” Clarke said.

The LifeStyles In 360 platform and app proceeds are used to benefit The Bee2Bee Network Inc., a 10-year-old nonprofit organization and the first “fast-track,” Google-certified digital agency in the country to introduce youth ages 14-25 to coding and software development within a service learning model and at no cost to them or their families. Key local beneficiaries include New College of Florida student interns, which will participate in the LifeStyles In 360 project.

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