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Mark Huey,  (President & CEO)
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Joan McGill (Vice President of Business Development )
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Jennifer Taylor (Vice President of Business Development)
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Site Selector Services and Resources

Fast Facts about Sarasota County
This section provides a quick snap-shot of Sarasota County's vital statistics.  It contains
important information on population, workforce, schools and other aspects of this vibrant community.

Community Profile
Detailed information about Sarasota County's quality of life and business climate.

Property Locator
The property locator is a web based application provide by CIX, which allows you to search on available property within Sarasota County that is for sale or lease. This tool is free to use and an excellent way to find a commercial realtor.  

Major Employers in Sarasota County 
A compiled listing of the largest private and government employers in Sarasota County.

Economic Report for Sarasota County
Sarasota County office of Financial Planning complies monthly data on population,
employment, economic, real estate, impact fees/assessments, revenue and county taxes.

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