Partners Council

As part of a reorganization of the board of directors, the Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County (EDC) is creating a Partners Council. Membership in the Partners Council will be open to any civic or community organization with interest in economic development in Sarasota County. Those eligible for membership may include: • Chambers of Commerce with members in Sarasota County • Sarasota Convention & Visitors Bureau • Sarasota County Arts Council and arts related organizations • Suncoast Workforce Board • Downtown Organizations • Educational institutions serving Sarasota County • Realtor Associations • Other allied associations or organizations with interest in economic development

Representatives: Each participating partner will be invited to name two individuals to sit on the Partners Council. One of those individuals should be the CEO of the partner organization and the other individual a volunteer member as designated by its board of directors.

Organizational Structure: The chair of the Partners Council will be a vice chair of the EDC as appointed by the chair of the EDC and ratified by the board of directors. For the FY 2008 fiscal year the chair of the Partners Council will be Anne Merrill. The Partners Council may elect a vice chair from among its members. The Partners Council will hold high stature within the EDC organizational structure on the same tier as the Executive Committee and the Chair’s Advisory Council.

Partner Council Meetings: The organizational meeting of the Partners Council will be on Friday, November 9. This meeting will determine the mission and strategic goals for the council and will better define the partnership between the council and the EDC board of directors.

In addition to this initial meeting, partners will be invited to the two EDC board retreats each year (February and June) and will be invited to participate in two additional Partners Council meetings during the year. One of those meetings will be with the CEO’s of the partners to discuss their individual work plans for the year and determine how we can collaborate at a staff level. The topic of the second meeting will be determined by the Partners Council.

Financial Agreement:  Participating partners are asked to contribute to the EDC at a minimum investment of $500 or $5.00 per member, whichever is less. The EDC agrees to become a member of each partner organization at the minimum not-for-profit level not to exceed $500.

Mark Huey, President/CEO
Kelly Dreels, Operations Manager

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