Why invest in the EDC?

Your investment in the EDC and ultimately the future of our economy,  will ensure smart, sustainable economic growth that improves the quality of life in Sarasota County. Private sector economic strategies are shaping the future of communities throughout the United States. To build the high quality infrastructure needed to help new businesses start and existing businesses flourish, a strong private sector commitment is essential. Investing in the EDC supports a strong public-private partnership that addresses crucial business climate issues, bolsters the local economy and facilitates regional collaborations.

The EDC’s economic development program is funded in part by revenue from the county’s local business tax and a per capita investment from the municipalities. Private sector investment is required to match those funds and expand important workforce development, business climate, business recruitment and expansion programs. Business community investment in the EDC helps advance our economy and ensures a quality of life in Sarasota County that is second to none.

Investor Levels and Benefits 
The multi-level membership program of the Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County allows for participation by corporations of all sizes and individuals. Investing with the EDC is of great value to new and established businesses alike. You have an opportunity to join in a proven and successful public-private partnership, positioning your company among the leaders of Sarasota County. 

We welcome you to partner with  us and other area businesses in our efforts on behalf of Sarasota County.  Please contact Laura Randall, Director of Investor Relations, to faciliate your participation or answer any questions.  

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