Governance Committee

To be responsible for the ongoing review and recommendations to enhance the quality and future viability of the board.

1. Lead the board in regularly reviewing and updating the board’s statement of its role and areas of responsibility and the expectation of individual board member. 
2. Assist the board in periodically updating and clarifying the board’s desired outcomes based on the strategic plan. 
3. Lead in assessment of current and anticipated needs for board composition. Develop a profile of the board as it should evolve overtime. 
4.Identify potential board candidates. 
5. Nominate qualified individuals under criteria to be elected as a board member. 
6. In coordination with the board chair, contact each board member annually to assess his/her continued interest in serving. Work with each director to identify the appropriate role she/he might assume. 
7. Take the lead in succession planning and nominate board members for election as board officers. 
8. Design and oversee a process of orientation for new board members. 
9. Design and implement an ongoing program of board information and education. 
10. Initiate periodic assessment of the board’s performance. As appropriate, propose changes in board structure, roles, and responsibilities. 
11. Provide ongoing counsel to the board chair and other leaders on steps they might take to enhance board effectiveness. 
12. Regularly review and update the board’s practices regarding participation, conflict of interest, confidentiality, etc. and suggest improvements as needed. 
13. Periodically review and update the board’s policy guidelines and practices.

The Governance Committee is open to any EDC Board member.  The EDC Chairman serves as Secretary.

Patrick Dorsey, Chair
Joe Barbetta
Benjamin Hanan
Rod Hershberger
Kevin Hicks
David Sessions

Ex Officio: 
Mark Huey, President and CEO
Kelly Dreels, Operations Manager


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