Finance Committee

To serve as the oversight committee for organizational financial planning.

1. Monitors that adequate funds are available for the business plan. 
2. Monitors the EDTF expenditures to ensure compliance with the contract with Sarasota County. 
3. Safeguards the organizational assets. 
4. Drafts organizational fiscal and investment policies. 
5. Oversees financial record keeping. 
6. Ensures that the board receives accurate and complete financial information and educates the board members so they understand the financial situation of the organization. 
7. Review financial aspects of vendor selection and make a recommendation to the board. 
8. Ensures that the organization is in compliance with federal, state and local laws

The Finance Committee is open to any EDC Board member. The EDC Chairman will serve as Treasurer.

Jim Kuhlman, Chair
Patrick Dorsey
Rod Hershberger
Rob Lane 

Ex Officio:  
Mark Huey, President and CEO
Kelly Dreels, Operations Manager

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