Committees and Task Groups

The EDC is currently planning to restructure committees and task groups to better align and support the 2014 EDC Strategic Action Plan in support of its initiatives.  

Look for more opportunities to come.  

Business Climate Committee
To identify and develop strategies to address critical business climate issues that put at risk the competitiveness of Sarasota County as a place for expanding and relocating value-added businesses.

Executive Committee 
To exercise the authority of the board of directors in the management of the business of the organization between meetings of the board.

Finance Committee
To serve as the oversight committee for organizational financial planning.

Governance Committee
To be responsible for the ongoing review and suggest recommendations to enhance the quality and future viability of the board.

Investor Relations Committee
To engage past and present members of the board of directors in working with staff to ensure the organization has adequate resources to fulfill its mission.

Partners Council  
This Council was created during a board reorganization to help build bridges within the community, bring together businesses, neighborhoods, and environmentalists around the benefits of economic development and to improve perception within our community of the important work the EDC does. 

Real Estate Overview Committee
To monitor the availability of office space, industrial buildings and sites in Sarasota County to meet the current and future needs of expanding and relocating targeted industry. 

Task Groups

Audit Task Group
To serve as the oversight committee for auditing purposes.

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