Audit Task Group

1. Identify and engage an independent auditor for the purpose of the independent audit. 
2. Define the scope of the audit in concert with the independent audit firm, identifying areas of specific emphasis. 
3. Conduct a post-audit review of the financial statements and audit findings including any significant recommendation to staff for change or improvements. 
4. Review the performance of the independent auditor. 
5. Review the independent auditors’ fee arrangement. 
6. Serve as a liaison between the independent auditor, staff and the Board of Directors. 
7. Review the adequacy of the organization's internal control structure. 
8. If necessary, institute special investigations and, if appropriate, hire special counsel or experts to assist; subject to the approval of the Finance Committee.

Any EDC Investor may serve on the Task Groups. The Chairman will be an EDC board member. Task Groups have a specific task to accomplish. When the task is completed the Task Group will be disbanded.

Rob Lane, Chair
Rick Fawley
Benjamin Hanan 
Teri Hansen

Ex Officio: 
Mark Huey, President and CEO
Kelly Dreels, Operations Manager

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