The EDC of Sarasota County continues its focus on diversifying the local economy and helping create jobs.  And we are making a difference!  

EDC investors can see the impact of their efforts through the EDC:

  • The County reports 1,681 jobs have been created by the companies that qualifed for performance-based incentives..Those jobs are having a $509 Million annual economic impact in our community.
  • In the last four years, the projects assisted by the EDC and the County have filled over 820,000 square fee of vacant or new space.
  • The Film Office, which began in 2007, assisted approximately 340 projects in this fiscal year with an economic impact exceeding $8.2 Million. 

We welcome you to be a part of our efforts.  Please contact Chris Purnell, Corporate Relations Director at 941.309.1200 #106. 

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