Grow Your Revenue with GrowFL

Gain the benefit of Fortune 500 level expertise at low or no cost to you. Your business has grown beyond the startup phase, and you know it has tremendous potential. Where do you go next to boost revenue and profit? Consider GrowFL, the low- to no-cost program designed to help Florida’s high-growth companies reach the next level.

GrowFL delivers:
      Top caliber strategic consulting
      High-impact research 
      Insightful peer counseling

For companies that qualify, GrowFL’s team of experts provides core strategy review, strategic research, referrals and other services targeted to your specific business.

Core Strategy Review
– GrowFL’s experts work with you to examine your business model and growth strategies to identify challenges and opportunities you may not have imagined, or to validate your approach before you invest capital in a new vision.

Strategic Research - GrowFL Strategic Research puts the capabilities of a Fortune 500 company’s market research department into the hands of a second-stage business to grow sales. GrowFL matches you with a team of consultants specializing in unique areas to analyze your overall business strategy. Following an initial diagnostic conference call, each team member works virtually from offices across the state through an online collaboration tool to send you reports, recommendations and data lists to implement at your own pace. The team is there to work with you on problems that you identify and to provide additional perspective on potential issues or opportunities that you may not have seen.

Peer Counseling - CEO Roundtables with entrepreneurs from noncompeting businesses let you explore mutual challenges and individual concerns in a confidential atmosphere of constructive give-and-take. CEO Forums let you interact with entrepreneurs that have achieved long-term success, and who can speak to advanced stages of business development such as wealth events, exit strategies, succession plans and overcoming obstacles related to growth.

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Who Qualifies?

The general guidelines for GrowFL participants include:

  • For‐profit, privately‐held company headquartered in Florida
  • At least 10 employees but fewer than 100
  • $1 million to $50 million in annual revenue
  • Provide product(s) and/or services beyond local geographic market

To find out if your business qualifies, please contact Joan McGill,, 941.309.1200, ext. 107.

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About GrowFL

GrowFL delivers critical research and strategy support to help second-stage growth entrepreneurs prosper. Based on the philosophy of economic gardening, GrowFL is coordinated through the University of Central Florida through regional partners, such as the Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County. GrowFL ( helped more than 400 Florida companies create more than 1,400 new jobs statewide during its pilot program from 2009 to 2011. Programmatic support for GrowFL is provided in part by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.


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