Where “Quality of Life” is No Accident

The economic, civic and cultural sophistication of Sarasota County is not happenstance. Continuous, grassroots processes develop and engage strategies for continued economic growth and global competitiveness. These public/private partnerships all commit to attain sustainability in Sarasota County’s economy and environment. This community meets opportunity and challenge head-on, in open discussion and debate; where business leaders share a strong voice in the civic dialogue at the local, regional and state levels.

The Economic Development Corporation (EDC) leads community engagement and day-to-day implementation on strategies to expand and diversify the local economy. Long-term strategies seek to capitalize on unique assets in Sarasota County, including our aging population, design thinking and sustainability systems. Our strategic plan offers more in depth information.

For confidential assistance regarding corporate relocation and expansion, please contact:

Mark Huey

President & CEO

Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County

(941) 312-7254 - direct


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