Local Incentives

Sarasota County Economic Development Incentive Program

Sarasota County has established an Economic Development Incentive Program that is used to help retain existing businesses and assist those who want to expand and to help attract new businesses that are considering relocating to Sarasota County. Companies that are interested in requesting financial assistance from Sarasota County in order to complete their expansion or relocation plans are encouraged to contact us.

Ad Valorem Tax Exemption
Available in unincorporated Sarasota County, the cities of Sarasota, Venice and North Port.

The economic development ad valorem tax exemption (EDAVTE) program is designed to encourage new businesses to relocate to Sarasota County. In addition, it serves as a catalyst for existing businesses to expand, creating new job opportunities for residents within the County and the Cities of Sarasota, Venice, and North Port. This program authorizes the County, and those respective Cities' Commissions, to grant qualifying businesses a property tax exemption for up to 100 percent for up to 10 years, on both real and tangible personal property. Contact us for more information.

Rapid Permitting Programs

A fast-track permitting system, the Sarasota Means Action Response Team (SMART) program will allow targeted industry companies wishing to expand or relocate in Sarasota County to develop a facility within a time frame that meets corporate goals and deadlines. This time frame is usually shorter than working through the system without special assistance.

The SMART program doesn’t eliminate or circumvent existing land use regulations or construction standards; it accelerates the process by making certain determinations and decisions about the development of the land and facilities in a more expeditious manner. Download the program guidelines and application here.

The City of Sarasota has established a system for fast-tracking the development review process. Our objective is to offer a compressed timeline for targeted firms and industries that wish to expand or relocate in the City of Sarasota. Our objective is not to eliminate or circumvent existing land use regulations or construction standards, but to reduce the amount of time it would normally take to work through the system. In short, what we offer is a process for accelerating the review process by making decisions in a more expeditious manner. Contact us for more information.

Employed Worker Training (EWT)

The EWT program is administered by Suncoast Workforce and provides short-term training to upgrade skills for employed workers in Manatee and Sarasota counties. The program coordinator meets with the company to assess training needs. In most cases, training can be customized, and employees can receive training on-site or at a local training institute. Examples of training include Leadership, Team Building, Customer Service, Microsoft Office Software, Work Place English or Spanish, Work Place Math or Industrial Math, ISO, and Forklift. Please note there is a maximum hourly wage limit for employees to qualify for this training grant. Click here to request more information.

On the Job Training (OJT)

This program provides an incentive for employers to hire qualified individuals who may not have the experience for your position. By hiring an employee in a training capacity, businesses can be reimbursed for a portion of that employee's salary for up to six months. Interested businesses are invited to consult Suncoast Workforce for candidates. The training opportunities are endless! Employers interested in learning more about OJT may contact the EDC.

Road Impact Fee Mitigation

The Road Impact Fee Mitigation allows the county to mitigate up to 100% of the road impact fees (short term cost, typically paid before a building permit or certificate of occupancy is issued), designed to assist business that will benefit the local economy. A formal application is required and final approval of the Sarasota County Commission is required.

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Florida Power & Light Economic Development Rates

New or expanding businesses that add a minimum of 350 kW of new electric load and create at least 25 new jobs per 350 kW of added load can apply for economic development rates.

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