Business Climate Committee 

Under the direction of the Board of Directors, identify and develop strategies to address critical business climate issues that put at risk the competitiveness of Sarasota County as a place for expanding and relocating value-added businesses. 

1. Conduct an annual business climate survey of issues and report those issues to the Board of Directors and other interested partners in the community. 
2. Evaluate local issues impacting Sarasota County¡¦s economic development competitiveness and work with local partners to develop strategies to address those issues. These could include: 
      - Incentives
      - Fees paid by businesses
      - Availability of land/sites/buildings for economic development opportunities
      - Permitting process
      - Financing alternatives, including industrial revenue bonds, venture capital, angel capital and
         traditional forms of financing 
3. Monitor local, regional and state regulatory issues that could impact business competitiveness. 
4. Develop an annual list of state legislative priorities for approval by the Board of Directors. 

Members: Any EDC Investor 

Contact: John Dart - Chair

Mark Huey, President and CEO 
Joan McGill, Vice President Business Development

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