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Attention, all leaders: You're needed to spread the word

October 2013

Before the long, deep recession, there was the stubbornly resilient notion that Florida would always be able to relax and rely on tourism and population growth to fuel its economic engine. No need to work to get work. Other states had to do that. The Sunshine State had all the natural benefits.

Sports events bring thousands and coverage reaches millions

September 2013

In 2017, a dream that many have shared and labored hard for will come true. Sarasota County will host the World Rowing Championships at Nathan Benderson Park, home to our world class rowing and aquatic sports center. The economic impact numbers from that event and others like it will reverberate as loudly as the fans will cheer.

Precision-machining lab is result of great cooperation

June 2013

The finishing touches are being put on a new precision-machining lab at the Sarasota County Technical Institute. But as important as that training program is to filling a serious shortage of high-skilled manufacturing employees locally, the way it came about and what it says about what happens when organizations work together in our community might be just as significant.

Gardening means creating long-term economic growth

April 2013

Florikan E.S.A., Datum Corp. and the Pacer Group are three examples of Sarasota County companies thriving -- increasing employees and revenue -- as part of the Economic Development Corp.'s partnership with the state's economic gardening program.
Going Granular